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Why Tunnl?

The influencer marketing industry lacks a standardized platform for marketing agreements that ensures content creators are fairly paid and brands receive posts which align with their goals.

There's a Problem

After speaking with numerous founders and influencers, it was very apparent that influencer marketing was ripe for disruption via smart contracts, decentralized oracles networks and artificial intelligence.

The process of creating influencer marketing agreements has been explained as "sketchy", "painful", and "uncertain". Because there are no contractual guarantees for the vast majority of these agreements, brands are often left empty handed when paying influencers for promotion. influencers typically require upfront payment, which leads to brands being scammed after sending payment. Influencers either refuse to post the agreed upon content or post low quality content.

There is no standard way for brands and influencers to create agreements which align their interests while ensuring the agreement terms are enforced.

Thankfully, this trust problem is exactly what smart contracts were created to solve.

The Reality of Trust Based Agreements

Trust based agreements are always at risk of scams, disputes and uncertainties.

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