AI Post Verification

Here we go deep into the concepts of AI verification of posts to achieve fair and unbiased results.

Tunnl's AI-powered content verification represents a paradigm shift in influencer marketing quality assurance. By leveraging advanced language models and blockchain technology, we've created a robust, automated system that ensures brand requirements are met without compromising creator autonomy or campaign efficiency.

How AI Verification Works

Our current implementation focuses on single-post analysis, optimizing for precision and reliability. Multi-post campaigns, thread-based content, images and video are not yet supported, but are on the roadmap for the future.

Context Provided to AI

The AI model receives the following context to perform the LLM-based verification:

  1. Offer requirements prompt set by the Brand

  2. Full post text (including long posts exceeding 280 characters, but not threads or multiple posts)

  3. URLs, cashtags, hashtags, and @ mentions

  4. If the post quotes another post

    1. The original post ID of the post being quoted is included, but not the text contained in that original post

  5. If the post is in a reply to another post

    1. The original post ID of the post being replied to is included, but not the text contained in that original post

It does not currently have access to:

  1. Post comments or replies

  2. Performance metrics such as the number of likes, views, reposts or bookmarks

  3. Media included in a post such as images or videos

Verification Process

Upon content submission, Chainlink Functions initiates a call to a 3rd party LLM API to perform the AI verification via a Decentralized Oracle Network.

Our extensive backtesting has demonstrated the LLM's high competency in handling a wide array of verification scenarios, including:

  • Presence of specific statements or phrases

    • ie: "The post must include the following script..."

  • Inclusion of a certain URL

    • ie: "The post must contain the following link..."

  • Usage of $cashtags, #hashtags or @mentions

    • ie: "The post must include #Hashtag_Here , @Handle_Here and $TOKEN_HERE"

  • Various other brand-defined parameters

    • ie: "The post must educate viewers about the product <provide detailed product context here for the LLM to interpret>..."

Verification Timeline

To maintain content integrity, Tunnl implements a 60-minute verification period post-submission. This window prevents creators from editing their content after initial verification. A final verification occurs after the 72-hour campaign runtime, which ensures the post is still live and publicly visible before payment is sent.

Dispute Resolution

Recognizing the potential for edge cases, we've implemented a manual dispute resolution process. If either the brand or creator believes the AI verification output is incorrect, they can contact Tunnl within 24 hours of post submission to request a manual review.

Our team will thoroughly investigate each dispute, collaborating with both parties to reach a fair resolution. This process not only addresses immediate concerns, but also provides valuable data for continual improvement of our verification algorithms.

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