Setting the Stage

Tunnl aims to redefines the current influencer marketing industry.

Marketing and capitalizing on the "attention economy" are key pillars in all industries; this isn't something unique to the Web3. Unfortunately, all forms of influencer marketing lack formal infrastructure to create, manage, and execute marketing agreements directly between brands and creators. Furthermore, the nascent Web3 industry is at particular risk due to the trust issues caused by a large percentage of creators who wish to remain anonymous and new projects which have not yet established a trusted brand reputation.

Creators on X have followings that range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of onchain participants who are eager to learn about new projects and tokens.

Marketing agreements are very common between Web3 brands and creators (also referred to as Key-Opinion-Leaders or "KOLs"), especially due to advertising restrictions Web3 projects face with traditional marketing channels.

How are Marketing Agreements Handled without Tunnl?

Today's marketing agreements are largely unstructured, manual deals, typically coordinated through platforms like X, Telegram, and other fragmented channels. These agreements rely heavily on trust, with each party depending on the other to fulfill their commitments. For instance, a project might agree to pay a creator for a single promotional post about an upcoming product release or token launch. Frequently, creators request upfront payment, which introduces significant risks and trust assumptions for brands. Brands are forced to send payments to random addresses and simply hope for the best.

A key reason why many individuals have joined the blockchain industry is to create and transact on systems which are inherently fair, transparent, and trustless.

Our industry deserves better that the status quo.

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