Understanding Payments & Fees

Understanding payments on Tunnl

Tunnl is an onchain non-custodial marketing platform which doesn't take ownership of funds for Brands or Creators. Using the power of web3, it acts as a neutral unbiased 3rd party where Brands and Creators can collaborate on marketing agreements without the problem of 'trust'.

Brands approve funds for the Tunnl Smart Contract equal to the Creator Payment plus all fees.

  • Creator Payment: This is the amount in USDC which the Creator can receive if they submit a valid post which meets the offer requirements, as decided by the AI verification system.

    • To learn more on how AI post verification works on Tunnl, refer to:

  • Flat Fee: A 5 USDC Flat Fee is charged whenever an offer is accepted by the Creator.

  • Percentage Fee: Tunnl adds a 5% fee to the Creator Payment which is only charged upon successful offer completion.

Once an offer is accepted by the Creator, the funds are escrowed / locked in the Tunnl Smart Contract for the offer duration.

Funds are only transferred to the Creator if they have accepted the offer and have submitted a valid post which meets the post requirements before the deadline.

Funds are automatically transferred back to the Brand if:

  • The Creator rejects without accepting

    • Funds are immediately transferred back to the Brand with no fee charged

  • The Creator cancels the offer after accepting

    • Funds are immediately transferred back to the Brand, minus the flat fee

  • The Creator does not submit a valid post before the deadline

    • Funds are automatically transferred to the Brand 96 hours after the date the Creator initially accepted, minus the flat fee

  • A Tunnl admin manually cancels the offer

The flat fee is charged to cover any transaction fees or API costs incurred by Tunnl.

For more detail understanding of a deal flow, read here : Offer Flow & Payment Process

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